• Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

  • Maxo Coin is a crypto Sharing revenue with crypto currency mining facility ( we own our own coin called Maxo Coin, the only revenue share website with mining facilities.
  • By purchasing one of our coin investment program you get daily earnings.
  • Our goal is to expand more and more as we believe crypto-currency will be the future of currency.
  • Maxo Coin is registered as Pvt. Ltd in U.K.
  • All transactions are processed in USD currency.
  • One of our main and strongest advantages over competitors is that we provide legal certificate for all investors with any amount deposited. Ensuring everyone that their funds are handled efficiently and at the highest security possible, all of that is possible by the power of our management team.


  • Any registered user that has mined and has an active Maxo Coin currency balance of at least $1.00.
  • The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Register an account.
  • Mine for coins.
  • The next step is the approval step, which usually takes about 72 hours.
  • Here, at Maxo Coin, we offer a great, price for every Maxo Coin that is mined trying to keep up with the fluctuation of it but you will constantly see on the page the live price, and it is your decision when to sell it.

Buyers / Advertisers / Miners

  • Usually transactions are processed instantly but as sometimes errors might occur you need to contact us if your transaction didn't appear for longer than 12 hours.
  • We use the following payment processors for both income transaction and outgoing transactions: Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, OkPay, NixPay.
  • Your payment in the following processors are instant: Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash, Nixpay, Bitcoin, OkPay.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is only $1.00 and the maximum amount is not limited.
  • You have a balance for each wallet, the amount you purchase or receive as referral commissions is directly linked to the payment processor used, so if someone purchase using Perfect Money you will receive Perfect Money balance, and if you purchase with Perfect Money you will earn your commissions in Perfect Money Balance. You can purchase with multiple processors but each purchase will be in the processor wallet.


We believe Maxo Coin has the potential to be not just a digital currency, but the future of money. Our mission is to strengthen the future of the Maxo Coin ecosystem by promoting innovation, decentralization, standardization, openness and community participation.