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Maxocoin-The fun and friendly internet currency

Your business can get smarter with Maxocoin


    Keep your payments private so nobody can track you thanks to Darksend.


    Payments are received instantly by the other party thanks to InstantX.


    Advanced encryption and a 2-tier network for complete security.


    Much lower than banks or credit cards, often even free.


    Uses a decentralized network, so no centralized third party to trust.


    You can send money anywhere in the world.

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Untraceable payments

Maxocoin provides users with a completely anonymous payment scheme. Maxocoin implements the ring signature technology which allows you to sign a message on behalf of a group. The signature only proves the message was created by someone from the group, but all the possible signers are indistinguishable from each other.

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Unlinkable transactions

Even if outgoing transactions are untraceable, everyone may still be able to see the payments you have received and thus determine your income. However, by using a variation of the Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol, a receiver has multiple unique one-time addresses derived from his single public key.

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Double-spending proof

Nobody is able to spend the same money twice — even if all his signatures are anonymous. Every signature contains a key image — a kind of fingerprint of the secret key. It is based on a one-way cryptographic function; this implies that given only the key image it is impossible to restore the corresponding secret key.

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Blockchain analysis resistance

Non-repeating one-time addresses and mixed keys in ring signatures make the whole blockchain resistant to analysis. Each future transaction will only increase the entropy and create additional obstacles for an analyst.

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Egalitarian proof of work

The proof of work mechanism acts as a voting system. Thus, it is crucial that during the voting process all the participants have equal voting privileges. Maxocoin brings this equality with its egalitarian proof of work, utilizing built-in CPU instructions.

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Adaptive parameters

A decentralized payment system must not depend on a single person's decisions, even if this person is a developer. Maxocoin has no hard-coded constants; magic numbers in the code are designed to be re-calculated based on the previous state of the network.

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Maxocoin can be easily purchased and sold on a number of exchanges using all types of currencies. Find the one that's right for you and get coins in minutes.

Please note: Maxocoin Association has no affiliation with exchanges that support Maxocoin and is not responsible for security and business practices of these exchanges.

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  • Android Wallet

    Maxocoin mobile wallet for Android allows you to manage your coins without storing the full-size units of the chain on your cell-phone. It helps you to save a free space on your data carrier and allows you to take your coins wherever you go.

  • Wallet for Linux

    Wallet for Linux is an online wallet that has all the Maxocoin advantages. It allows you to get access to your Maxocoin coins, make transactions and view statistics.

  • Windows Wallet

    Windows Wallet is an electronic wallet for Windows. It allows you to conduct transactions, send and receive funds. Use it if Windows is installed on your PC.

  • OS X Wallet

    OS X Wallet is an app for your Macbook. With the wallet you can make all standard web-wallet operations: send and receive of the funds, check your balance etc. If you are a Mac user, this Wallet is for you.

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Whether it's clothing and apparel, food and drink or even a flight abroad you can buy it with Maxocoin.

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Analysis and Innovation

In a mass surveillance world we develop and promote new approaches to further decentralize and emancipate cryptocurrencies. We use advanced mathematical analysis and innovative ideas to empower end-users with true privacy, both financial and personal.

We share our ideas to shift the current global paradigm through cryptography and egalitarianism.


Digital currency started with Bitcoin and is a way to determine the authenticity of a transaction via consensus on a secure network. This removes two otherwise necessary middlemen - banks and government.

Currencies are minted and authenticated by the network securely and publicly. As a result, no individual or group has more access to transaction data than another.

This is all done at costs that are fractions of the current banking standard.

  • Extremely low transaction fees
  • No central point of failure
  • No charge-backs
  • No counterfeiting
  • Controlled by consensus
  • Virtually instant transactions
  • No Third Party
  • Easy, Secure & One Click Payment
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"I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe an algorithm replaces the functions of [the government]... is actually pretty cool. I am a big fan of Bitcoin."
Mr. Al Gore
Former US President and Nobel Pease Prize Winner
"I think it's a technical tour de force but that it is an area where governments are going to maintain a dominant role."
Mr. Bill Gates
Founder of Microsoft and richest person in the world
"It is a huge deal, it's a huge, huge, huge deal."
Mr. Chamath Palihapitiya
Venture capitalist and partial owner of the Golden State Warriors
"Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value."
Mr. Eric Schmidt
CEO of Google
"It feels strange to think of a world without cash, no more coins or notes to find down the back of the sofa, but it appears that’s the way things are heading."
Sir Richard Branson
Founder of Virgin Group Comprising more than 400 Companies
"Virtual Currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system."
Mr. Ben Bernanke
Former Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve
"Bitcoin is the beginning of something great a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative."
Mr. Nassim Taleb
Lebanese-American essayist, scholar, statistician, former trader, and risk analyst
"Bitcoin actually has the balance and incentives right, and that is why it is starting to take off."
Mr. Julian Assange
Founder of Wikileaks
"Bitcoin is not a currency for a government it is a global currency for the people."
Mr. Wences Casares
Founder and CEO of Xapo
"Of our 49 Billion, we haven’t moved any to Bitcoin."
Mr. Warren Buffett
American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist
"With Bitcoin hard-coded to be limited, it’s like a collectible."
Mr. Bobby Lee
American actor and comedian

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